Are there any pre-course requirements?

All learners will need to read & write English to a basic level in order to complete the course and any applicable assessments. Unfortunately we do not have the facility or time during the course to offer bilingual support.

What shall I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement; kneeling / lying on the floor, i.e trainers. All we ask is that no offensive or inappropriate clothing is worn.   

Who are your instructors?

All of our trainers are either serving or retired emergency service personnel and medics who have hands on, real life experience of delivering first aid under pressure and safety training to large groups.

Will I have to be physically fit?

Due to the nature of some training, specifically First Aid, Fire Safety, Manual Handling Training, it will be necessary for you to demonstrate some skills that may require kneeling, bending or lying down. If you have an injury or disability that prevents certain movements please inform us before booking and we will try our very best where possible to accommodate you to allow you to complete the training.   

Will there be physical contact involved in training?

Due to the nature of First Aid it will be necessary for you to perform certain skills on fellow learners and demonstrate these skills to your trainer. Where possible same gender partners will be accommodated if requested, however you should bear in mind that if you had to perform First Aid in real life you would not get to choose the gender of your casualty. Whilst any contact during the sessions is wholly appropriate and supervised at all times, the gender of the fellow student cannot be guaranteed due to class size and numbers.   

Do I need to tell you anything before the course starts?

We will need to know about any learning difficulties or disabilities that may affect your ability to complete the course, including access requirements. Unfortunately, some of our venues are unsuitable for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility due to having stairs and no lifts. Please check before booking. We will also need to know of any medical issues such as allergies or asthma that may affect you during the course and an emergency contact for the duration. You should bring necessary medication with you and make your trainer aware if it needs to be taken regularly. If you have religious practices that need to be met which fall within the course times such as a need to pray, please let your trainer know and they will try their very best to accommodate you whilst taking into account the training needs of the rest of the class.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, your certificate will be posted to an address of your choosing (your company address if they have paid for you).    

What can I expect?

You can expect professional training delivered in a fun, interesting and engaging way to ensure you enjoy your time with us and leave with skills that will benefit you at work or at home.   

What shall I bring with me?

All equipment is provided. Light refreshments will be provided (at our venues). You will need lunch each day for any course over 1/2 day, however there will be opportunity to use the local shops at lunch and break times.

What is your smoking / alcohol / drug policy?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in  or around our premises. Smoking will be allowed in designated areas away from the building during break and lunch times. Please bear in mind for the comfort of others, that during some training, First Aid in particular, you will be in close contact with other learners who may not smoke. Drinking of alcohol or recreational drug use is not permitted for the duration of the course day. Any learner that the trainer deems unfit for training through drink or drug use will be asked to leave the course, a report will be written and no refund offered. Any criminal behaviour will be reported to the police.   

What should I do if I have a complaint?

At E.S.T we strive to ensure every learner has the very best training experience possible. In the unlikely event you feel your needs have not been met or our standards have fallen short, please contact the main office number or email directly stating clearly the issue you would like to complain about.  Your complaint will be dealt with by a Director of E.S.T who will hopefully be able to resolve your issue or provide an explanation as to why the situation occurred. In the extremely unlikely event that this does not satisfy your complaint, you may contact QNUK; our awarding body.      

What will be expected of me?

You will need to arrive on time and complete the full training course each day. Absences cannot be accounted for due to the short amount of time given for training. If you are unable to attend or will be more than 10 mins late for any reason throughout the course please let your trainer know and you will be offered a chance to re-book at a discounted rate. You will be expected to behave in a polite and courteous manner toward your trainer and fellow learners at all times. Inappropriate, rude, offensive or discriminatory language or behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in your exclusion from the remainder of the course, with no   

refunds being given. Anything amounting to criminal behaviour will be reported to the police.